"Inner Compassion"; 24" x 24", photograph, magazine image, and ink on paper, 2014

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ryl brock wilson

For Collage artist, Ryl Brock Wilson, art-making is a process of inquiry – of connecting with and expressing parts of herself through the process of collage. A Canadian-born Redwood City resident, Ryl has created over a thousand collages from 2004-2017 using photographs, magazine images and simple drawing and painting materials. As an arts facilitator, she has been guiding transformative collage experiences for others since 2002. Ryl is an Empathy Coach and Reiki Master who holds a Masters degree in Transformative Arts from JFK University. Through her creative inquiries, Ryl supports herself and others with gentle shifts that bring clarity, inner peace and a spaciousness that lets transformation simply happen and new possibilities emerge. 

Collage Workshops & Coaching

Like to make collages with me? I facilitate collage workshops.
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I also work one-on-one with individuals offering support with creativity, emotional wellness, empathy skills and compassionate communication.

You can email me for more information at
"ryl at rylbrockwilson dot com".

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